October 31, 2016

OCTOBER 24, 2015


Family sketch

Began this year's Christmas Card for 2015. Here's a quick sketch inspired by Hungarian motifs and the theme of "Family." Probably going to be an apt name.

Family - Hungarian motif heart print

Tracing the sketch outline in preparation for a carbon transfer to the key block.

Family sketch by Paprika Press

Tracing the sketch by Paprika Press

Mounting the carbon paper to the keyblock.

Traching the sketch by Paprika Press

Mounting the carbon paper to the key block by Paprika Press.

Let the carving begin! Perfectly warm November day - perfect to get this block started./span>

A detail of the process just begun.

Family carving by Paprika Press

It's getting there. A lot of small spaces on this key block.

Carving detail by Paprika Press

Almost done. Just need to cut out all the inner floral bit.

Almost half way carved

A sense of the relief on this first block.

Family carving almost done by Paprika Press

The second block finished. This will be a blind-emboss.

Relief block by Paprika Press

Inking up a the keyblock for the first time.

Second block for Family

The big reveal . . .

Family block 1 inking by Paprika Press

Getting ready to run the key block on my Chandler and Price. Love this press!

Revealing the print by Paprika Press

Here's a quick shot of the first run of of Family. This will probably end around 150 in the edition.

After running the second block as a blind emoss, here is a close up of the texture.

Finally - the finished print signed, editioned and soon to be sealed and delivered. Not a bad result.


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