Tomte Letterpress Card | by Paprika Press Printshop

Tomte Letterpress cards  |  hand-printed by Paprika Press.

The "Tomte" are a Scandinavian tradition. These little guys protect your home through the year and only request a bowl of porridge with a large lump of butter at year's end during the holidays. But watch out! If you don't pay them respect in this way, bad things are bound to happen!

Pair this and four other letterpress cards all for a single price. Customize your greeting card kit!

These 4x6 cards are hand printed from original Linocuts on an old style Chandler and Price Letterpress. Each card is uniquely it’s own and lightly embossed in rich 100% cotton paper. 

Cards come with envelopes and make a perfect greeting for anybody!



*Please note - all items ship within 3-5 business unless custom orders are requested.